How do we stop makeup transferring to our masks?

Wearing a face mask comes with some necessary rethinking in the beauty department. You know the score by now – you’ve seen your entire face of foundation imprinted on your face mask a few minutes after putting it on right? Or maybe you have decided it’s just not worth putting your face on to go out anymore? Not true!

Here’s my top 5 tips to help keep your face on your … well, face!

1. First thing in your arsenal should be your skincare routine, remember cleanse, tone and moisturise. Never has moisturising been more important. By moisturising your skin before applying your makeup you’re giving yourself that first layer of protection – plus it will help with chafing during the day.

2. A second fave of mine is a mattifying primer, this will help with sweating under the mask and give your makeup a good base to cling to.

3. Use a long lasting liquid foundation or a powder compact, you want it to stay on your face and not have it all over your mask.

4. Apply a little more product to your nose, cheekbones, chin and other high transfer areas that your mask sits on frequently.

5. Lastly a setting powder will create an all important translucent barrier between your makeup and the mask. When layered lightly between each makeup stage it will give you the best protection against product transfer.

Bonus tip – make sure to remove all traces of makeup before you go to bed and don’t forget your night time skincare routine, now is the perfect time to introduce one if you don’t already.

Add some sunshine to your mask game. There’s no better way to lift your spirits and make others smile than a pretty floral or silly mask, look for one in colours that suit you and made from breathable cotton if possible.