We have all done it right?

Agreed to a morning zoom call or attend that early zoom meeting and afterwards realised that means putting your face on first thing. You have swapped out your PJ top for a more suitable one (but kept your bottoms on because they are comfy) and now you need a quick wake up to cover the “I haven’t had my coffee yet” look.

Here’s my top 5 tips to look fresher for the camera in no time:

1. Moisturise.
A good moisturiser will give skin a nice glow and a hydrating one will help you look luminous.

2. Opt for a liquid eyeshadow.
They are so much easier and quicker to apply and there’s no need for an eye primer saving you some more time. A satin or metallic one will pick up the light too making your eyes look more open.

3. Dig out those lash curlers or use a black mascara that helps with lift.
Curled eyelashes instantly make the eyes look wider and more awake. Pair with a white eyeliner if you have one the waterline to get a good light reflection into the eye.

4. Apply your concealer over the top of your foundation
Bonus points for if it’s slightly lighter too. Applying a little in the inner corners and inside of your under eye will open up the eye area and highlight. If you have any left on your finger, run it down the bridge of your nose for extra glow.

5. Go heavier on the accents.
Warm your face with a nice blush or bronzer but apply a little more than normal to avoid looking washed out. Similarly go a little brighter on your choice of lipstick or mix it with a little lip balm to lighten it.