I’m not talking about the trowel you have just planted all your winter veggies with but those makeup brushes that maybe aren’t getting as much use at the moment. Keeping them clean is essential to their productivity, if they are a little blocked up now is a perfect time to give them a good clean.

How is it best to tackle them?

Personally I like to use a dry oil spray or I use my face mask! Two birds with one stone, when you go to apply your face mask use the brushes you want to be cleaned, this works especially well with the foaming action of the Skin Perfecting mask, the bubbling effect gets into the bristles without rusting the base like water does.

If you are without a spray or face mask then mix 1 part washing up liquid to 2 parts olive oil in a shallow dish, dip your brushes lightly into the mix and give them a gentle swirl to get the liquid into the bristles. Brush it on your hand or rub the bristles between your fingers then rinse in warm water until no makeup or soap is visible. Take care to always keep the base and handle dry. Lay them flat on a chopping board or similar, secure and hang upside down overnight to dry.

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